Norvil Sims

Full Name: Norvil Sims
Gender: Male
Marriage status: Single
Nationality: U.S.A
Degree : Bachelor of Science
TESOL/TEFL Certificate: yes
Native language: English
State of health:
Date of birth:
In China Now : No
Self-Introduction: I have acquired a wide variety of skills, abilities, and knowledge. Let’s talk about what you would like to accomplish or the project you have in mind. I am interested in a contract anywhere in the Chinese

Why come to china: Teacher
Major: Art Education Language Literature Others
Salary Expected(RMB):
Education Experience: Charter Oak State College, New Britain, CT, Major: Human Services Administration, 1991, BS DAWIA Level 1 Contract Certification
Work experience description in
colleges, universities or companies
Office Manager; Sportrating LLC, 7088 Hwy 87 N, Orange, TX 77632; Perform blog and website activities which improve internet SEO support for Allsportrating; log content across Internet via blog and related sub-domains; establish meta tags, keyword tags and categories, promote “athlete rating” as keyword phrase across Internet. Perform web analysis of Allsportrating web site and forward to staff for further review; apply creative analysis for internet research; research sport related activities to assist Allsportrating staff and athletes; formulate meta tags for company web site; research SEO newsletter data and review to improve company web site; research data sources to improve content pages for company sport categories; suggest related content for further improvement of company web site; assist and suggest creative ideas to improve company web site; assist staff with sport related activities involved with company web site; design web pages and perform web master functions; perform office related activities, fax, phones, correspondence, filing, set up and organize files; set up online banking with four accounts, control, organize, analyze, and reconcile monthly statements or as needed; prepare annual spreadsheet for tax accountant. Webmaster; Designed and implemented,,,,, SEO management, increase web traffic via Internet strategies, web page maintenance. Program Manager; FOR: MANCON, 645 Mayport Rd., Ste 3D, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233; PLACE: Central TX Veterans Health Care System, 1901 Veterans Memorial Dr., Temple, TX. Performed developmental and/or recurring assignments in support of the VA CASU centralized procurement activity as a contract person; assisted administering service contracts for VA CASU. Utilized VA computer system and office equipment. Performed duties as assigned. English Conversation Teacher; Provided English conversation for Elementary School Korean students Provided English conversation for Middle School Korean students Provided English conversation for High School Korean students Provided English conversation for University Korean students Provided English conversation for adult Korean students Utilized books and other instructional tools and materials provided by the schools or institutions. Instructed all students to follow educational plan designed by the institutions. Performed tests designed by the institutions. Provided English conversation for Elementary School Chinese students. Provided English conversation for Middle School Chinese students. Provided English conversation for High School Chinese students. Provided English conversation for University Chinese students. Provided English conversation for adult Chinese students. Utilized books and other instructional tools and materials provided by the Chinese schools or institutions. Performed classroom English conversation presentations as requested by the students. Reading and English conversation performed by students was informative and induced questions and conversation. Allowed students to participate in question and answer sessions. Utilized English newspapers as a English conversation tool to induce questions and conversation. Performed testing as allowed by schools and institutions. Procurement Buyer; GSA, Acquisition Division, 1500 E. Bannister Road, Building 6, Kansas City, MO 64131; Procured small purchases for sealant, adhesives and tools as a temp contractor for the government. The purchases involved; telephone communication with vendors/contractors, weekly controls of purchases on national stock numbers (NSN), FAR and General Services Administration (GSA) regulations, GSA database research for history on previous purchases, control of request for quotes (RFQ) to and from vendors, fair and reasonable decisions regarding RFQ, utilizing proper codes for award of purchase orders and data input; interacted with Inventory Managers, vendors, Contracting Officers, Branch Chiefs, Supervisors, co-workers and employment agency covering contract with GSA. Contract Administrator; DCMC ST LOUIS - KANSAS CITY, 6910 N. Holmes, Suite 330, Gladstone, MO 64118; Administered the terms and conditions of 150-250 contracts, prepared contract modifications, evaluated and monitored contractor performance, contract closeout (utilized Defense Logistics Agency procedures, forms, DFAS processing; contacted other agencies for closure of GSA, Air Force, and Army contracts; confirmed customer final delivery of goods and services, observed closeout requirements, final invoicing, generate closeout reports, assist auditing of remaining inventory and property), evaluated technical and audit reports, conducted post award conferences, administered progress payments, recommended and issued contract changes, negotiated partial settlements, processed final vouchers, ensured shipment and delivery requirements, resolved contractor payment problems; audited, investigated, reconciled funds, accounting status, ACRNs and modifications preparing contracts for close out. Utilized Federal Acquisition Regulations, Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations, Defense Supply Center Richmond, Defense Supply Center Columbus, Navy Regulations, Army Regulations, rules and policies within Department of Defense. Used computer, Microsoft Office, Windows 95/NT, email, Laser printer, DLA LAN system, FAX, copier, internet for research, ACO module, and electronic data workflow. Procurement Technician; DCMC ST LOUIS - KANSAS CITY, P.O. Box 20703, Kansas City, MO 64195; Provided administrative assistance to an aircraft team that administered a contract for overhaul, maintenance of aircraft components. Reviewed, analyzed and processed contractual documents; researched, evaluated and prepared reports. Assured completeness of contractor's request for payment. Input data into a database. Used computer, Lotus Suite, email, Laser printer, DLA LAN system. Program Assistant; Dept. of Veteran Affairs, 4801 Linwood Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64128; Insurance verifier of inpatient admission, if veteran had health insurance; interviewed, investigated patient health insurance coverage; verified with insurance company; verified veteran eligibility; verified patient data file in database; researched billing and accounts receivable requests, identified reimbursable insurance; Release of Information signature if patient had history of psych., drug and alcohol problems. Utilized regulations, rules and policies within Dept. of Veteran Affairs. Used computer, Microsoft Office, Windows, laser printer, Veteran Affairs LAN system. Patient Services Assistant; Dept. of Veteran Affairs, 4801 Linwood Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64128; Interviewed veterans for eligibility and entered data for medical care; directed patients to appropriate medical care areas; checked patients in for scheduled appointments and made new appointments; ordered LAB tests; interrelated with families and health care providers; interpreted information for patient care and treatment; provided veteran ID card. Legal Technician; Resolution Trust Corporation, 7400 W. 119th Street, Overland Park, KS 66210; Assisted Legal Division; assisted attorneys and paralegal specialists; accepted legal documents; maintained filing system; prepared reports as needed; prepared draft and final letters; prepared travel vouchers, travel and training authorizations; maintained travel and training schedules. Operated LAN system, email, Lotus, scanner, laser printer and Word Perfect. Procurement Analyst; Dept. of Veteran Affairs, 200 Springs Road, Bldg 80, A&MMS (90), Bedford, MA 01730; Provided procurement analytical support at the Eastern Region I Modified Contract Service Center (MCSC) for 10 Veteran Affairs Medical Centers. Identified commodities and services for potential consolidation to contain costs; analyzed items from multiple medical centers, determined source or vendor, historical usage, if items may be utilized for procurement; made presentations of findings to MCSC group. Prepared reports, produced numerous spreadsheets, received reports from medical centers and manipulated data in Word Perfect and Lotus. Performed fact finding assistance; tracked status of preaward and post award contracts, data of award and cost; analyzed existing contracts for problems and recommended solutions and modifications. Assisted Contracting Officer assembly contracts; trained contract specialists to use automated FAR and CBD. Used computer, Lotus Suite, Word Perfect, laser printer, VA LAN system, email. Contract Monitor; Dept. of the Air Force, ESD/IMP, Hanscom AFB, MA 01731; Observed, evaluated, and analyzed contractor performance based on accumulated data for Quality Assurance Evaluator/Contract Monitor advisory actions and made recommendations. Performed the duties of Publishing Distribution Office (PDO) Manager, as a result of contractor not performing PDO functions and contractor defaulting: supervised and delegated duties for 2-4 military and civilian personnel to accomplish the mission of the PDO. Monitored contractor performance to ensure proper and timely fulfillment of contractual obligations utilizing the Automated Publication Distribution Office System (PDOS). Performed inspections utilizing random sampling. Investigated customer complaints and deficiencies, identified inadequacies and requested corrective action. Installed updated versions of computer programs for PDOS. Prepared reports; acted as a liaison between contractor and customers receiving services. Installed PC applications; utilized Enable 2.0, Word Perfect 5.1, LOTUS, Harvard Graphics, VAX/VMS Air Force LAN system and PDO software to perform computer related activities. Equal Opportunity Specialist; Dept. of Labor, ESA/OFCCP, 135 High Street, RM 311, Hartford, CT 06103; As an Equal Opportunity Specialist demonstrated the utilization of laws, regulations, principles, and methods of Equal Opportunity; investigating and analyzing problems, making personal contacts, writing reports, oral presentations; met and worked effectively with persons regardless of their socio-economic background; employment problems faced by women, minorities, veterans, the handicapped, workers over age forty, or other relevant classes of individuals; planed, prioritized and organized work load. Conducted desk audits, on-site contract compliance reviews and complaint investigations. Independently conducted reviews of Federal Government contractor employment policies and practices to determine if contractors were meeting their EEO obligations within the provisions of the contract. Interviewed management and non-management employees of firms; conducted on-site entrance presentations with Presidents, CEOs, Directors, and Managers, explaining the Affirmative Action Plan (AAP), areas which would be investigated; findings discussed at the exit conference. Prepared comprehensive and documented reports of investigative findings and made recommendations as to appropriate action. Utilized the computer to perform statistical calculations and word processing for letters of complaints, on-site reports, conciliation agreements, letters of commitment and deficiency letters. Accounting Technician; Dept. of the Navy, NSB, New London, Financial Inv., Code 213, Groton, CT 06348; Reviewed and coded receipt and expenditure paper documents for automated data processing into proper financial records and reports; prepared gasoline issue documents from gasoline usage charges issued to customers from Supply Stock for input into financial records; corrected input as a result of periodic reconciliation's; examined, investigated, and corrected any discrepancies, received monthly and daily data listings; reconciled ZMA daily statement from supships entries and corrected input. Performed accounting computations, coding, reconciliation, adjustments, research, data input, recorded transactions to assist Supply Administrators for planning and stock replenishment. College Work Study Student; ST Joseph State Hospital, Recreation Dept., ST Joseph, MO 64506; Provided support and assistance to professional health related personnel. Worked with patients in treatment programs to carry out activities directed at helping the disabled and disadvantaged to adjust institutionally, socially, educationally, recreationally and leisurely. Communicated and worked with a variety of patients such as abusers, manic depressives, criminal sexual psychopaths, obsessive compulsives, geriatrics, emotionally disturbed, mentally and physically handicapped, schizophrenics, veterans, cross-cultural situations and various biological diseases; encouraged and motivated program participants and assisted with clerical duties. Familiar with routines and procedures in group activities for social adjustments such as community, money management and transitional living. Familiar with routines and procedures supervising a recreation center and small group sessions. Accountant; Trans World Airlines, 11500 Ambassador Drive, Kansas City, MO 64195; Analyzed daily coding of debit and credit accounting distribution for data input, used double entry accounting procedures according to Trans World Airlines accounting procedures. Met daily deadline reporting cash available in the bank accounts to the Department Director. Maintained, balanced, audited, and reconciled accounting records, audited accounting records to verify accuracy to determine proper adjustments and special entries. Entered accounting data using NCR and IBM computers, which calculates balances for the general ledger and banking system. Prepared and verified accounting statements and reports. Assisted achieving month-end bank and accounting balances in excess of $200M-$250M from the daily accounting data entries. Audited bank charges and coded proper accounting distribution for data input; analyzing, recording transactions, balancing and reconciling statements of accounting data. Prepared profit and loss reports and statistical reports; reports generated from 0-112 data input such as stations, number of passenger miles, cities to and from, flight time between cities, delay codes, type of aircraft, cargo pounds and tons, flight numbers scheduled and unscheduled, liquor taxes and landing fees. Assisted industrial engineers with time studies and special projects; involved observing work being performed and making evaluations from the study. Assisted a special analysis group in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia accumulate data to arrive at a 12/31/68 closing trial balance for Saudi Arabian Airlines. Investigated posting memos, general ledger, and journals, accounting documents and analyzed other relative data. Analyzed reports, reconciled accounts and interpreted TWA and CAB accounts. Audited other airline billing invoices utilizing domestic and international tariffs. Used mileage charts and arithmetic formulas to prorate TWA and other airline tickets; proper accounting distribution was applied and processed. Assisted with the mail desk, performed control on work done in the department and other clerical duties. Trained employees to code 0-112's properly which involved cargo loads, type of aircraft, delays and miscellaneous assistance. Also assisted with special projects. Coded 0-112's (International and Domestic), sorted mail and performed other miscellaneous clerical duties.
Working experience in China:
I wish to teach: Oral English Conversation Business English Literature Writing Others
I want to teach or work in: Fujian Guangxi Guangdong Yunnan Zhejiang
I wish to teach or work at: Comprehensive universities Normal Science Technology Agriculture Forestry Medical Languages Finance Economics Professional High schools
I am thinking about teaching/working in China for: 1-year
Available Date for China: 2011-9