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David's English Center


Welcome to David's English Center

David's English Center is one of Taiwan's largest and most respected private adult English instruction centers, with 16 schools islandwide. David's boasts franchises in eight different cities. It is our goal to provide a professional, stimulating environment for adult students of English as a second language. We have an ever-growing student body and we are always searching for energetic and qualified native English speakers to join the Davids family.

For students, we offer a wide variety of courses that we feel certain will benefit their English abilities in every area. For teachers already living in Taiwan or considering relocating here, David's can provide the challenging, enriching and supportive work environment you've been looking for. We invite you to join the David's family.

Highlights: Teacher Profiles

Throughout David's many locations in Taiwan, our faculty is made up of an eclectic mix of local and foreign teachers whose backgrounds and interests are as diverse as the different countries they hail from. We have teachers from at least six native English-speaking countries and every corner of Taiwan. For many of our teachers, Taiwan is one more stop on a much larger journey and they bring with them their experiences from teaching in different countries. This creates a multicultural work environment that helps everyone grow both as people and teachers, and have a lot of fun while doing it. Everyone who takes the chance and teaches in Taiwan, no matter how long they stay, is changed in some way. They all come away with different stories, experiences and adventures. This is what a few of our teachers have to say about living in Taiwan and teaching at David's.

Simon Ellwood: Simon comes to Taiwan from England. He has been teaching at David's for one year.

"One of my favorite things about living here is the convenience of the place. You can get anything, anytime. It's great! Also, Taiwan is incredibly safe."

"The secretaries at David's are fantastic. So helpful and friendly, they are always smiling. They made me feel welcome from day one."

"The thing that sticks out in my memory is the kindness and friendliness of the Taiwanese people. I encounter it every day."

Karen Parr: Karen has called Taiwan and David's home for a year and a half.

"I trust the owners and management to treat me fairly. I know many teachers who have worked for other schools and have had bad experiences. I'm thankful to have found a place where 'ESL horror stories' don't happen."

"I love shopping for clothes here. It costs me less money to dress fashionably here than in any other place I've lived. Also, the cities are very safe. A woman can walk by herself at night without fear."

Paul Doucet: Paul comes to David's from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He's been with us for just over a year.

"David's provides a professional yet laid back environment. I can't imagine a friendlier or more helpful environment to work in."

"I love the delicious and various foods, which are also so affordable. The nightlife rocks, the night markets are fun and you can learn so much about Taiwanese and Chinese culture from teaching adults."

Kane Walters: Kane, from New Zealand, is a four-year veteran at David's.

"After teaching a group of adults for over six months, they invited me out to join them to go to KTV (karaoke). It's nice to feel we can become more than just teachers."

"I really like teaching at David's because there are no kids. The students actually want to learn."

"I have made many friends with people from all over. My two best friends are from New York and England, and I'm from New Zealand. Where else could I make such friends?"

"I like hanging out on the fourth floor of Taipei 101. It has a large open space, English book store and coffee shop. It's nice to sit down, have a cup of coffee and read a new book while the wife goes window shopping. Everybody's happy."

Rob Gilroy: Rob has been at David's for five years.

"There's nothing better than unwinding on the weekend in Yilan. It's only an hour and a half from Taipei with hot springs in the winter, cold springs in the summer and beautifully fresh and cheap seafood. Can't beat it."

"When I first started at David's I had a small health issue that turned out to be nothing. One of the staff used her own personal time to accompany me to the hospital to help translate. Anyone who has ever lived abroad knows what a difference that makes."

"In most cities you can find great deals on street food or sit down dining at just about any hour you are hungry. Also, the bars stay open all night."

David Howarth: David comes from England and has spent the last of his three plus years at David's.

"One of the best things about David's is my fellow teachers. Talking before and after class in the staff room is always enjoyable and sometimes hilarious."

"Once you start to experiment with the food here in Taiwan, you'll find it is outstanding."

"The sunset at Danshui always makes for a great evening--a favorite of mine."

"I enjoy having a variety of levels to teach that include many types of Taiwanese students."

Mathew Driscoll: Mathew, from the U.S., has been at David's for just under a year.

"I enjoy coming to work because David's is like a big family. On my birthday, after I had been working here for only a few months, the secretaries bought me a cake and sang Happy Birthday. I was happily surprised. That really made me feel welcome."

"I also love the public transportation. Both the metro system and the busses are convenient and clean. I enjoy living in Taipei because it takes less than an hour to be out amongst nature."

Edward Smith: Ed is from the heartland of the U.S.A. and has been with us for over a year.

"I enjoyed spending time with a Taiwanese friend in Taichung during the Dragon Boat Festival, experiencing typical Taiwanese culture and eating traditional food."

"I also like the wild parties at Luxy and MOS and other dens of iniquity and decadence."

"I've made good friends at David's who I can discuss academic and personal matters with, which allows me to facilitate myself as a better instructor."

Dorothy Lewis: Dorothy is a Canadian who has spent three of her three-and-a-half years at David's.

"Every Sunday I ump a baseball game with some Taiwanese boys and fathers. It is very interesting how the people walking by react to a female ump."

"Night markets are most enjoyable, with a real sense of what Taiwan is all about. I Love My Scooter! Any trip on my scooter is enjoyable."

"Presently, I have a student who is a doctor. We are role playing for her medical test in the USA. She has a great sense of humor making her class productive and enjoyable."


Prospective teachers must have at least a bachelor's degree in any discipline from an accredited university in a native English-speaking country. An ESL or TESL certificate or one year of teaching experience is preferred, but exceptions can be made. David's does not discriminate against one's gender, ethnicity, age or sexual orientation. We welcome all qualified applicants.

All teachers hired at David's are required to sign a one-year contract and be available to teach at least 16 class hours per week. Outside of that, basically all we ask is that teachers dress and conduct themselves in a manner befitting a professional, and be at the school prepared to teach at least ten minutes before class.

Getting paid:
David's pays a very competitive hourly wage. Taxes in Taiwan are quite low compared to most western countries, usually about 13%, so teachers keep a lot more of their pay. Income tax for each pay period will be deducted by the payroll staff, who can also give you advice in filing for your tax refund. Most full-time teachers receive a yearly refund of around US$1,000.

Visa and Work Permit:
David's helps all of its teachers obtain their Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) and work permit, which allow you to legally stay and work in Taiwan for at least one year. Your ARC, together with your multiple-entry visa, allows you to enter and leave Taiwan freely. Newcomers to Taiwan should note that they must enter the country on a visitor visa. If you enter on a landing visa, you will have to leave the country to purchase a visitor visa before you may obtain your ARC. Once you have your ARC, you'll never have to worry about costly emergency visa runs.

Health Insurance:
All David's teachers are covered by Taiwan's National Health Insurance. David's teachers are responsible to pay a very small portion of this monthly fee according to school policy. The school and the government cover the rest. Most foreigners living in Taiwan agree that this comprehensive medical and dental coverage is an essential benefit.

We pride ourselves on being a very flexible employer. Teachers who maintain a minimum of at least 16 hours per week at David's are left with plenty of time to pursue their own interests. Whether they are studying Chinese or Taiwanese language, arts and culture, or out of the city rock climbing and surfing, we consider the various experiences of our teachers to be a great asset to our students. Unlike many other local English centers, David's does not frown on teachers taking second jobs as long as their initial commitment to David's is fulfilled. We fully understand that the diverse groups of teachers who make David's so successful are not in Taiwan solely for work. Given proper notice, we are also very flexible regarding personal vacation time because we understand the importance of visiting family and friends back home. We also know that traveling in Taiwan or other places in Asia is a must for most of our teachers.

All new David's teachers will complete a brief but comprehensive training session. This includes an orientation to the facilities, rules and expectations. New hires will be given one-on-one instruction regarding our curriculum, teaching materials and classroom protocol. They will also have the opportunity to observe in-center group classes. Our experienced teacher trainers insure that no teacher enters the classroom without the skills and tools to confidently and thoroughly facilitate all of their students' needs. In the interest of continued training, every three months, a one day teacher training workshop is hosted by a different David's branch.

Never Forget to Have Fun:
Many of our teachers find that their time in Taiwan may be one of the more incredible and memorable experiences of their lives and we encourage all of our employees to get out there and live it. David's hosts a variety of holiday parties including sumptuous feasts of traditional Taiwanese and Chinese food, and nights out on the town. Almost every company in Taiwan embarks on some sort of annual company trip and David's is no exception. Past trips have included visits to hot spring resorts, ocean parks and mountain retreats. It's a great opportunity to blow off steam with your colleagues and new friends.

Minimum Education: Bachelors

Languages : English

Salary / Pay: $15-$25/hour
Experience Required: no

This Program is open to American, Australian, Canadian and European Participants.

Participants Travel to Taiwan Independently

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